Sunday, 23 February 2014

More Essex 15mm's - French light cavalry.

Managed to get another 8 French cavalry painted and based over the weekend, and finished basing the Russian lancers and Polish infantry. I'm really pleased with how these lovely little castings are turning out, and having the freedom to paint just a few of each type is perfect for me. Russian Dragoons are almost finished with just the 4 horses to paint, probably one night in the week. I'm racing through them!

With the Hinton Hunt's and Dragoons all now packed up ready for the post tomorrow I'm busy preparing loads of 20mm ACW's and ECW's for the coming week. Had me thinking about the recent post on Tony's 'Prometheus in Aspic' blog about scale, as there is such a difference in size between these two nominally 20mm ranges. All great castings though.

Pictures show 15mm Essex Miniatures - French hussars & chasseurs, Russian lancers and Polish infantry - all based for my Commands & Colors board game. I'm close to having replaced all of the blocks so I'll shortly be able to get started some British and Portuguese from the Essex range.


  1. Hi Lee - figures look good - which are the 20mm ranges which are different in size?

    1. Thanks Tony - well, the Tumbling Dice ECW's look huge compared to John's ACW cavalry! if you mounted a TD figure on one of the horses his feet would be touching the ground :-) I'll email you a pic in the morning.


    2. Interesting - thanks Lee. I believe Paul specifically makes the TD figures to 1/72 scale - and quite burly 1/72 at that - which should be 4.25mm to the foot, and big for 20mm. Classic issue of perceived sizes!

      Cheers - Tony

  2. Nice work Lee. Gotta love a bright red hat :-)

  3. Excellent paintjob, great colors and details!


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