Tuesday, 18 February 2014

20mm Peninsular Dragoons, Hinton Hunt's and more 15mm Essex.

Phew, it's been quite a busy last couple of weeks on the painting front! But it's also been very rewarding from the point of view of working on some very nice 20mm castings, all of which are going into what I regard as two fantastic model soldier collections.

Hinton Hunt vintage figures - these have been painted for Ian, who's fine HH blog (link at right) I have been following (I think), since 2007. There is a bit of a story behind this unit too as I was first sent these very same 24 figures for painting about 3 years ago or so, just about the time my mental health broke down and I had a major breakdown. I simply could not even so much as pick up a paint brush, it took months, and my recovery is still ongoing, so in a way it kind of felt like I was completing the circle when I painted these and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to finish them. Funny how different things seem now, and I remain very much aware of just how positive an experience painting soldiers has become for me ..... I woke up at 4am this morning thinking about horse colours!

I kept in mind the overall style of Ian's collection, and tried to use a style that would fit in. They have been given a coat of Vallejo Satin varnish.

20mm Peninsular Heavy Dragoon brigade. 
These three regiments represent Le Marchants cavalry brigade - the 3rd/4th/and 5th Dragoons. The figures I think are 20mm Falcatta castings with old Minifigs  S range heads added, I'm sure Tony will correct me here. I think they are therefore somewhat unique? They took a lot of work, but  again the motivation of producing something a bit special kept me at it! They need a coat of varnish and Tony will add his 'house' base colour once they return home. I'm still seeing small bits that could do with a touch up. Please excuse the number of photos.


I have also managed to paint a few figures for myself, more 15mm Essex figures of course, some Russian Militia with fine beardy faces and some Polish infantry. I'm following up with Russian lancers, dragoons and hussars then French chassuers a cheval, lancers and hussars.

I also continue to play Commands & Colors on the board with the figures painted so far.


  1. Great looking troops, love the dragoons!

  2. They look swell Lee - have you made a very fine job of them. Have you made any progress on your Memoir '44 project?

  3. They look great Lee - good to see them standing up to Tony's Dragoons!

  4. Thanks chaps :-)

    CK, I'm focusing on Napoleonics for the forseeable future, it just keeps on calling me back!


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