Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Buildings in 6mm / 28mm and other matters.

Following on from my last post here I ordered three cheap MDF kits via ebay for Bolt Action. When I say cheap I mean that they are quite basic with no interior detail and cut from 3mm sheet so no double thickness walls. They cost just £9.00 per kit and each included a small outbuilding, which is very good value. I certainly don't plan to buy any more, the three will suffice for what I have in mind here which are infantry platoon sized games, just a few squads per side with support weapons and command team. I do have a couple of vehicles per side but certainly have no intention of taking things any further, having learned that once you start adding in tanks, artillery, aircraft etc Bolt Action loses much of it's appeal, for me at least it's best enjoyed as an infantry based tactical game. I now have all that I need save for some trees that are being made for me by Simon at S&A Scenics and I have treated to myself to a dozen of his 'more realistic' trees which are rather smart.

A squad of SS infantry to illustrate scale of these buildings. Painting not finished yet, more windows to paint.
Some of Simon's lovely 'Deluxe trees' from his S&A scenics website, I do like nice model trees!

And so I can now focus upon the 6mm project and blog and to this end I have received some really nice buildings from Steve Clay at Battlescale. I'll get these up on the blog once painted and based as I plan to use them but meantime here are a couple of shots of the unpainted product. I especially like the church and the larger farm bases.

I have also stocked up on scenic materials again, flocks of various shades, 2mm static grasses, tufts, stone etc.

Been doing a lot of thinking about the 40mm's and for the forseeable future they will be put on the back burner, they remain packed away for now. I now have the STL files for the RHA rocket battery conversions from Dan at digitsculpts and Graham has kindly agreed to print them for me as I'll only need a couple of each figure. The gun crews are being put into moulds by Ian. I will certainly complete the RHA guns and rockets, but beyond that I might well call it a day, the decision to invest in both 28mm and 6mm terrain means investing in 40mm is somewhat prohibitive at the moment and I am hoping that the new 6mm project plus Bolt Action will allow me to enjoy some actual wargaming now.

I'm going to Cavalier next month at Tonbridge where I plan to meet up with David Crook and hopefully Bob Cordery. I'm pretty excited to be able to attend a show again after several years absence so looking forward to it.

Stuff for sale.
Finally I have a few bits that will be going on ebay shortly but thought I would offer them on here first. Just need to get rid to save storage space.

Warlord Russians 28mm, a dozen plastic winter infantry, some painted, a metal HMG team painted and mortar pack unpainted, plus a nice little command jeep with officer and driver - painted. FREE to a good home, just pay a bit of postage.

Winter Germans, 3 squads of 8 plastic figures plus metal command pack - all painted and winter based.

2 x warlord Winterised Tiger 1's

2 x as above Panthers.

Open to any offers, just want to clear. I'll put them on ebay next week if no takers here. Please contact me via comments if interested (I won't publish).

Winter German infantry and armour.

Free Soviets!

There are actually 2 each of these Tigers and Panthers to go.


  1. Steve Clay does do lovely resin, very characterful and a pleasure to paint.

  2. The 6mm buildings look really good, I'm still not entirely convinced about MDF, still collecting Soviets unless someone else wants them! Drop me a line and I would be happy to cover postage.
    Best Iain

    1. Hi Iain, I was going to ask if you were interested, they are yours:) I'll drop you an email later today.

  3. In case you've lost it my email is
    Cheers Iain


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