Friday, 31 January 2020

A few different things on the go!

I'm still getting used to the grey skies and the rain, that and the first bout of flu for over two years has left me feeling somewhat low this week. I still managed to get some painting done and I'm excited about the box of 20mm figures that John C has sent to me for painting. They are mostly WSS and GNW vintage castings and first up on the table are six lovely old Minifigs Polish Winged Hussars, surely one of the most spectacular heavy cavalry types ever to grace a battlefield, I'm going to enjoy painting them. I'm not great on vintage figure details so if I get anything wrong I'm sure John will correct me here, not sure of make of the horses for example.

The last 4 Royal Marines are underway, I realised that I was one loading figure short for the rear rank - I have a couple of leftover firing poses - so I have had to draft in a sergeant of line infantry with marine head added. He does look a tad more chunky but will be fine. The Marines of course are from the Sash & sabre 'War of 1812' range.

This morning a parcel arrived from Graham C containing 12 resin 3D prints, 7 of which will be used for my rocket battery. The prints are great quality, if I have one reservation it is with the file for the open handed rocketeer, the hands are very close to the body and I will have to see if the rocket can be fitted down between in a convincing way. This is of course nothing to do with the printing but rather the conversion file. The alternative is to wait for the main crew to be cast in metal and convert the figure with upright sponge/rammer. I really like the alternative officer pose, hand on hip. These were resized to 37mm foot to eye so the previous pointing officer is very slightly taller but still usable as a six footer! It is great to finally have some of these resins in my hands and now I just need to be patient until Ian Smith gets the main gun crews to Griffin for moulding and casting but I have plenty to keep myself occupied meantime.

Finally for this week, more Goblins for James 'For Joshua' charity project. I'm getting into my stride now with these and it's fun painting them. I just need to paint another 18 archers and then it's on to the High Elves.

Wolf riding Goblins!

Goblin command pack.


  1. You have a lot on your plate! There is no flu in Spain?

    1. Hi Jonathan, I'm generally pretty lucky with avoiding colds and flu. Not complaining, hardly the worst thing in the world, just annoying! We are both noticing that old aches and pains have flared up since leaving Spain and that people all look so ashen faced, Still won't be long until Summer arrives :0

  2. Dear God man you've been a busy bee - despite the cold. Puts me to shame so it does. Lovely work of course - as usual.

  3. haven't you had a flu shot !! hope you soon feel better, Hussars are current Minifigs and horses are Minifigs S range, looking forward to seeing them painted, cheers John C

  4. Good looking goblins and marines, winged hussars are always fun!
    Best Iain


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