Thursday, 13 June 2019

RHA gunner teaser - 3D sculpt #2.

While we wait with baited breath to see the first resin prints of the 40mm RHA officer, Ian sent me this 'teaser' of the first gunner figure.... I guess it has to begin somewhere! I remain fascinated by the technology that enables a model soldier sculpt to be created on a computer, Digital Sculpting certainly is the future, but the skills of traditional sculptors will not be replaced, I can see them being complimentary to each other. This is of course the early stages of the process as the basic anatomy is created and then the layers of uniform and equipment built up. This is the website of the guy who produces these wonderfully animated sculpts should you wish to see more:

We have been discussing what we might do beyond the artillery crew, I am really keen to produce some Portuguese infantry, line and Cacadores down the line, but we will focus on the RHA crew to begin with. If there are any other 40mm collectors out there who might wish to avail themselves of  some RHA gun crews please let me know as Ian and I are happy to share the investment.


  1. The detailing on the model at this stage is incredible.

    1. Yes Jonathan, he should be a very detailed and very well animated figure once finished.

  2. Replies
    1. I know Rob, that made me laugh when I first saw it too! That aside though it's an excellent pose.

  3. Great stance! Dynamic without being silly!
    Best Iain

  4. I think he's going to turn out pretty well Iain once the sculptor gets some proper clothes on him!

  5. Hi from Oz and a 40mm collector. Great work filling a gap. I will try to pm you.

  6. Hello Andrew and thanks for looking in here. We are about to commission the other 4 RHA crew figures and then the plan is for Portuguese. We hope to make them available to other 40mm collectors.


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