Friday, 1 March 2019

Tarting up the British cavalry + command bases.

As I have been working through the 40mm's dusting and cleaning them I decided that the Light Dragoons could do with a touch more highlighting here and there. And having seen a fine 40mm LD unit on the Napoleonic Facebook page I wanted to give the trumpeter a reverse colour jacket to add a touch more colour to the regiment. I repainted straight over the varnish - have never found a problem with this in the past - and felt it worth the effort. The Heavies were up next for a wash and brush up, and they required no further attention, they are among my favourites. Should add that these 24 cavalry were all painted by myself last year and I still intend to bring the heavies up to 16 figures shortly. Still not sure what to with the LD making the rude gesture toward the French, he was going be a standard bearer but as they were not carried in the Peninsular he may have to become another trooper by adding a sword or maybe carbine.


The two command bases are statement pieces, I could not resist making them! They are bloody huge and heavy, but will look 'nice' on the table I think if nothing else. The large bases are CD's which took the extensive texturing without warping, what more can I say, I like them.


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