Friday, 23 November 2018

Two weeks flown by!

It's been a pretty busy two weeks since my last post including 5 excellent days spent in Amsterdam. I was itching to pick up a paintbrush again when I arrived home, and first thing I did was to bash through these 6 British light dragoons. I had completed a few artillery pieces and crews before we left, but was not too happy with the small chunky wheels on the British guns so painted another 2 guns using spare French artillery wheels which look much better to my eye. I'm currently adding some French light cavalry (lancers and chasseurs) before playing my first test game on the board over the weekend where I hope to incorporate 'Foy's' ideas for a card free, dice activated twist, which negates the need for the left/centre/right sectors.' Ramekin' I think will prove just the thing for playing One Hour Wargame scenarios. More to follow.

6 'blocks' light cavalry.

Bases still wet, the washers are to allow for magnetisation.

The wheels for the British guns looked small and a bit chunky to me.

British guns with larger wheels before painting.


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