Saturday, 1 March 2014

15mm Russian Hussars and 20mm yankees.

I finished off the 10 x American Civil War Yankee cavalry unit wearing wet weather gear yesterday, I'm pleased with how they turned out. These are of course for Old John, more to follow.

I also painted these four Russian Hussars for my 15mm C&C collection. I experimented with lighting to get some better close ups and sharper images. 15mm Essex figures as usual.


  1. The Russians just had some of the best hussars. Got to love those pelisses.

  2. Love all these figures. First class job. Are the ACW Johns own range?

  3. Great looking troops, love the hussars...

  4. Thank you chaps :-) I'm looking forward to painting more hussars.

    Graham, the ACW's are Musket Miniatures (US), I'm not sure they are still available but they are fine characterful little castings.


  5. More great work Lee - those ACW cavalry really are superb little figures!

  6. here's the link to Musket Miniatures go to ACW 22mm listings, the cavalry in gum blankets still listed
    cheers Old John


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