Friday, 31 January 2014

End of another weeks painting.

Friday again, and I'm hoping to be able to get out in the garden this weekend to do a few jobs weather permitting. I'll also be painting more 15mm Essex Napoleonics for the C&C board, just about to break through the 100 figures painted mark. I'll be ordering French and Russian artillery next, plus more Russian infantry of various types and I want to add a bag of Polish infantry to the French Grande Armee as it grows. I'll be painting French Generals and Dragoons if I get time over the weekend too.

Commission work.
A few shots of some more 20mm ACW figures painted yesterday for Old John, walking wounded, two Reb gun crews plus a couple of couriers.

The 6mm 'starter armies' are just about finished and will be ready for the journey home on Monday, these add to the 8 infantry bases already painted previously. I only need to finish off the bases and add the guns before a final highlight and touch up where required. Included are the two 'HQ bases' shown below as required under the rules. Tents are of course just heavy card, painted with white glue for strength then shaded. The figures are actually 6mm Adler command, and incredibly good they are too.

February looks promising with plenty of variety - I have 3 regiments of 20mm Peninsular War British Heavy Dragoons, a 50 figure ECW unit to represent The Earl of Essex's regiment at Edgehill (the first unit of a quite large new long term commission using the same excellent 20mm TD figures that I had been painting for Tony), and something new for me, a chance to paint a Battalion of Hinton Hunt French line infantry. Of course I'll continue to paint for Old John too. All in all an exciting months painting lay ahead. I seem to be becoming something of a 20mm specialist now!


  1. Some very nice work on the walking wounded there Lee. Very sharp.

    I was thinking actually - GMT are talking about doing an electronic version of Napoleonics, which will I presume include an AI opponent. I get the odd game of Memoir '44 in with Johnny the AI taking care of the dice and cards and me concentrating on the toy soldiers.

  2. Beautiful work, love the camp and the command stands...

  3. Superb work as always, many thanks, all figures are Musket Miniatures (ex- Stone Mountain ACW range), walking wounded destined for field hospital vignettes or maybe as "Disordered " markers under Fire & Fury rules
    cheers Old John

  4. Nice work mate, especially the command vignettes...


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