Friday, 24 January 2014

More 15mm Napoleonics & Adler 6mm ACW Generals.

I have been busy knocking out the odd French Napoleonic figures for myself where I can. After so many years painting Essex figures I find the brush almost does the work itself! It's about knowing just where to add touches of paint to give a strong finish, I'm not saying this style would suit every figure - AB's for example - but it's fast and furious and I like the bold finish with the satin varnish.

I think a big problem with Essex figures is that their figures are not shown the best advantage on the website, but they really are still great figures and perfect for this as they will take a lot of handling.

Could not resist any longer painting a few Old Guard figures, who can? The cuirassiers  are the first of the French cavalry and I plan to cover all of the cavalry types gradually. Will be ordering artillery next week plus more Russians in the meantime I keep going with the French line infantry figures.

Commission work.
This morning I painted these lovely 6mm Adler command figures for Chris, they still need a bit of work to finish off in the morning, bit of extra highlight here and there, edge a few more saddle blankets etc. These will break down into two each bases with two figures and each side will have a HQ base that I'm allowed to go to town on! Next week everything gets flags added before being based up and sent home. Next week I'll mainly be concentrating on Old John's 20mm ACW's.

Some pictures.


  1. They do look good paibted.

    I resisted painting Old Guard by only doing Revolutionary French. I did get my mustaches and bearskins though by fielding a combined Grenadier battalion.


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