Saturday, 30 May 2020

S&A Scenics a review.

Today I received my river sections and woods templates together with more trees from Simon at S&A Scenics. I must say that I am, (as usual), delighted with the products supplied by this long established company. I have been a customer for several years and having decided to purchase a terrain set specifically for use with DBN I once again turned to S&A. So far I have the following:

Grass green mat 6 x 4.
Numerous different shaped and sized hills.
Road sections in 1" width and 2" width.
Woods terrain templates.
Hedge sections.
30 x 2" trees - these are the 'more realistic' versions on plastic armatures.
2" (standard width) river sections.

I really like that the colour of the hills matches that of the mat very well, something that would otherwise bother me! The road sections packs are excellent value for money as you get an assortment of long and short straights, curves, junctions, crossroads etc and as they are felt backed they remain in position on the mat once you lay them down. I'm finding the 1" roads are better for DBN and fit nicely with my two model bridges which are by Battlescale (as are the 10mm scale buildings you see). I particularly like the new style trees as they do look a bit more realistic. The river sections (again great value for money) are very well made and I like the varnished finish and two tone water effect. Everything is toned together with the brown/flocked colour scheme, again something I really like.

All of the above are available in various scales from the S&A webstore and Simon makes everything to order in about a week or so. Packaging is good and uses lots of  newspaper padding along with some bubble wrap which means it can be recycled.

If you are looking for terrain which offers consistent quality across the range of products and good  I would recommend taking a look at S&A.

Edit: I note that Simon has ceased production for a week due to a fractured foot, hope you are soon back in the workshop again.

Some of the photos are a bit light,you can see the true colour in the top picture. Note that I am now starting to use some of the AB's in the units, French infantry unit features three AB's in the front rank, a very good match for Blue Moon 18's. I  do plan to make two edged boards as soon as I can source the wood from B&Q, one 2' x 2' and the other 3' x 4' which will take care of the creases you see in the photos!


  1. yes indeed great terrain i've got quite a few of river sections, cheers Old John

    1. The river sections are especially good I agree John.

  2. Lovely stuff old fruit. Bothers me too when the hill colours don’t match the rest of the terrain. Funny that.

    1. Cheers JBM. The thing annoying me now are the creases in the cloth! I'm on the lookout for baseboards now.


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