Friday, 22 June 2018

French 2nd Hussars.

I unpacked these yesterday and thought they are worthy of a post of their own. Magnificent 40mm  scale French 2nd Hussars, superbly painted and based. Once again they are perfect for Sharp Practice, cavalry being fielded in troops of 8 figures. Among the unpainted figures I added to this collection are French Line Chasseurs and British Light Dragoons and I'm looking forward to getting settled and painting again shortly. Also unboxed are the first of the French infantry and I'm organising them into 'companies' of 8 figures with lots of command choices for SP. I still have 3 boxes to tackle yet.


  1. Nothing better than a French hussar charging! Great job...

    1. They do have plenty of animation and a real feeling of movement about them. Should stress they were not painted by me, all came ready painted.

  2. My wife Carole packed all these little suckers! They were originally painted by a Scottish painter who "hung up his brushes" swearing never to paint again after he had finished them - apparently his wife threatened divorce ! Enjoy the rest of the unpacking !

  3. Hi Andy - Great packing, please say thank you:) No damage at all. Surprisingly the box was not opened at UK customs and of course no customs between French & Spanish borders meant they arrived just as you sent them! Hussars are superb.


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