Thursday, 10 May 2018

Waiting, waiting!

I'm having to be extremely patient in waiting for the mid June arrival of the 40mm Napoleonics, but meanwhile I'm doing a lot of thinking and planning about how I will use them. Essentially as said previously I'm a painter/collector these days, but with the prospect of a large hobby room on the horizon I do intend to give them the odd run out on the tabletop. Sharpe Practice 2 is an obvious choice for such games, as it allows for company sized units of just 8 figures to be fielded along with lots of individual characters and single cannon for what is generally known as 'large skirmish' games, so I'm currently reading up on them again.

Anyway, here is Andy's list of what I have coming, I also have 2 packs of unpainted Light Dragoons and a pack of LD command coming to add some cavalry to the British force

1 mounted General 1 foot officer in frock coat

3rd Foot
1 mounted Colonel 2 ensigns with cloth flags 2 offices 2NCOs 1 Drum 1 pioneer  25 privates

28th Foot
1 mounted Colonel 2ensigns- paper flags-3 officers I sgt 1 drum 20 privates

92nd Highlander 12 man unit including command and ensigns with cloth flags

5th bn 60th foot- Rifles- 12 figs inc Command.

Royal Foot Artillery
1 gun and 5 crew


 2nd Hussars 16 figs in 2 “companies” 1 company being the Elite company making 1 squadron

 Foot Artillery
1 gun 1 howitzer and 10 crew

2 mounted officers 1 eagle1 deuxieme Port –Aigle  3 foot officer1 drum 1NCO

 60 Centre company Fusiliers

Grenadiers.......1 officer 13 men

Voltigeurs........ 2 officer 11 men- including 4 perry.

 Blocked in figures

 British     17 more infantry

French     47 more fusiliers .......7 Voltigeurs

And 1 officer and 9 more Grenadiers


Most ofthese are conversions of one sort or another

1 mounted officer- Sand S on a Perry Horse

3 standard bearers with cloth flags 1 Large gun with 5 mixed crew and  4 ox drawn limber- Blame Frank Sinatra and Sophia Loren’s chest for this !!!

15 regular infantry- made from Sash and Saber Alamo Mexicans the  colour bearers are for these chaps.

So a grand Total of

 22 mounted

215 foot including gunners

4 guns

4 ox limber

Plus 83 blocked in figs

I found a few more images of the figures on Andy's Old Glory UK site and share them here with his permission.  the more I look at the pics the more excited I get!

A single Light Dragoon, but I have more on order.

Here in Spain the house purchase is ticking along nicely, we hope to be in by Mid June latest, but have extended the rental villa until end of June just in case, it feels like an extended holiday at the moment, but we will be busy once we are moved into 'El Refujio' as we have plans to create 2 holiday 'Casa Rural' on the land. They will be self contained with use of the large pool and the tennis court and a small children's play area. Surrounded by vines but just 30 minutes drive from the bustling centre of Valencia and it's airport and a few minutes from the traditional Spanish village of Godelleta with it's fine church, cafes, bars and Winery. My wife is also an excellent cook, it's been her passion for as long as we have been together, we met on a camel trek in Morocco 35 years ago.

Son in Law Blake at the gates of El Refujio. This was a measuring up shot to see if we will be able to get the 7.5 ton van up to the house!


  1. All looks very good, Lee - soldiers and (especially) the house. Camel trek in Morocco - love it. I met my wife at an audit committee meeting on a wet Tuesday in Scotland - your life story will make a far more romantic movie than mine!

    All the best, mate - keep your back straight when lifting. These soldiers will be heavy.

    1. Thank you so much Tony, your humour has sustained me through some dark times my friend. For some reason your comment did not come through via email, just found it. The Big Soldiers are another chapter, who knows I might actually get to keep these, I have fallen for them hook line and sinker and certainly plan to do Prussians in due course, they are irresistible. There is a large dark wood, glass fronted display cabinet in the new house and it's included in the sale so perfect for them. There is also a fine old Spanish sword that I'm hoping they will leave behind too.

  2. Well done Lee. Good to see the enthusiasm.

    1. Thank you CK. For a man who 'lost' 5 years of life to depression when I barely ventured out of the house, could not travel and hid away from visitors Life feels amazing again :) I'm really enjoying the climate, the friendly people and the socialising. I have kicked the Black Dog firmly up the ar*e, and if he comes back to bite me again in the future he will have a damn good fight on his hands .... paws!

  3. Only the French Hussars left to pack up now Lee. Then sorting out how most safely to bet them to you daughter.... Sowws over the next two weekend but we are getting there.

  4. Congratulations on the impending move. It sounds like quite an adventure. Amazing looking 40mm S &S figures. I have a few of their 95th rifles I am painting. Please Visit my blog when you have a moment:


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