Thursday, 6 August 2015

Some news!

I have been busy for the last couple of weeks but this blog will be updated as soon as my new laptop power lead arrives with pictures of the two completed Spanish Peninsular battalions for Tony, plus some shots of what I have here to finish for 'Old John', loads of transport wagons, siege guns, Brady's mobile studio and the man himself holding a flash bulb. John has been incredibly patient as usual and I'll paint what remains of this box right through now. There's some great stuff in there and I'm looking forward to painting it.

On the Flames of War front I have now completed both forces (German &  British/US) to around 1600 points to choose from, and all small command bases have been painted and added to complete the structure of command. For example I now have 14 Sherman tanks broken down into 1st and 2nd IC plus 3 platoons of 4 tanks each including a 'Firefly' the upgunned 17pdr that could tear through even a Tiger's armour. All infantry platoons have support weapons available. I just need to replace two aircraft, this time more appropriate to the Normandy campaign. Next comes the first of the lovely MDF house kits designed specially for FoW with lift off roofs and floors etc.

Edit ..... just added a lovely little Brummbar to my collection, how could I resist? I'll enjoy building and painting it. Any tips/ideas for 15mm stowage most welcome, especially camo netting, oil drums and so on as my tanks could do with a lot more, cheers.
This is a stock photograph provided by the distributor.
An unexpected surprise!
Six months or so ago I posted on the blog regarding a copy of Memoir '44 that failed to arrive. To say I was annoyed would be an understatement as the parcel had been signed for but not by me! With postage it cost me £42.00 and after contacting both Boardgame Guru (who supplied me with the electronic signature that was not mine, excellent service every time), and Parcel Force decided to write it off as lost. So Imagine my surprise this morning  when a knock at the door revealed a man from several streets away holding a large cardboard box that he said had been wrongly delivered to him! I was amazed to see it contained my copy of memoir order dated 12th January and dispatched same day. I am now the proud owner of TWO Memoir'44 sets which means I can now play the extended 'Overlord' style games with the two boards side by side. I'm going to look up Overlord but I think it uses two card decks too? Quite made my morning that did :)

Full photo update coming soon.


  1. Great surprise - I used to work as the manager of a fairly large toy mail order catalogue. I remember once having a rather cross customer adamant that her parcel hadn't arrived and we duly replaced it. Almost a year later she rang up to apologise - she'd been clearing out the garden shed and found the parcel where the postman had left it the year before! Nice of her to call I would have been too sheepish.

  2. Lee - I'm delighted your missing parcel arrived, but I wonder what the recipient has been thinking for all this time - did he sign for it then? Has he only just thought he'd check to see who lived at the correct address? Do you want us to send the boys around...?

    The potential for Overlord is certainly a nice benefit - had Parcel Force actually refunded the value of the first parcel? We need to get all this firmed up before we start doing the documentary... :o)

    1. Thanks chaps, I was genuinely stunned when I realised what is was, and he was gone by then! First glance I thought it would be one of the constant flow of ebay parcels that arrive here for my daughter, I was not expecting anything, and when I looked at the label I was amazed :)

      Tony, I really do not know where it has been, but I'd like to find out if I can. I know the guy, we often exchange "good morning" as I walk the hounds. His house is very distinctive as it has wonderful sea view balconies that are covered with Japanese ivy and have large Buddha statues on tables as the focus of both balconies. There is also the sound of constant trickling water that I presume must be from a 'water feature' of some sort. He looks a very relaxed kind of chap I must say, smiles a lot. When I see him again I may ask him, but in the mornings he's in a sort of world of his own if you know what I mean, I'm sure it's a very calm place, I kind of envy him, shame to spoil it.....

    2. Tony, no refund as I gave up trying to claim and thought it less stressful option to let it go! I have no idea where it has been but I hate losing money and goods in the post so glad to have it finally.

    3. Righto - thanks for this - all duly noted. The documentary will also require a scene where you explain to your dear wife why you need the same game twice...

  3. Hi Lee - thanks for the follow and comment. Regarding 15mm stowage, Plastic Soldier Company does a 15mm German stowage set. I use Skytrex stuff with some odds and ends from peter pig and whatever spare bits I get from plastic kits. I've also used green stuff to make my own canvas rolls and the likes. I'm going to do a blog post soon on what I use when I build my tanks.


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