Wednesday, 12 August 2015

FoW new bits & what's on the painting desk.

I'm continuing to pad out my Flames of War forces and I'm just about at the stage where I can start to add some of the extra little touches I have in mind for these. I'm afraid that I gave in and went 'hairy' with the bases after all as you can see, I just felt they match what you see in most FoW games now, the grit/static grass combination. I still have a fair bit to do, more figures and vehicles to buy and paint including British infantry and a couple of Sexton's, I also need to sort out British marking decals for all the tanks and I like the idea of adding individual name decals too, plus I'm not finished with the stowage yet. I'm  also planning a few objective bases using the 'destroyed' resin stuff from Peter Pig and some of the fantastic 'character' packs, I have my eye on the German prisoners with raised hands for example, and there must be a use for 'Brits having tea'! I can see loads of possibilities. Just finished are the full 4 gun German Howitzer battery plus command and spotter bases and the little 'Brummbar' assault gun ,(the latter I can't use with these lists but I enjoyed painting it anyway).

Panzer Grenadier Company commander, could not resist using him! Command team base, SMG & Panzerfaust.

The new (metal) Peter Pig Pak 40 Anti tank platoon with command base. The two Tigers behind are metal and resin kits and probably my pride and joy currently. I'm still very much a newbie to camo patterns though yet.
Hairy Germans! I'm still trying to decide on a drybrush shade for that brown earth.

I went with shallower 50 x 50mm bases as I also use them for Memoir 44 games, but I'm thinking of rebasing them!

A joy to paint if not to put together! Resin, metal and plastic kit..... I mean, what are you supposed to glue them together with?

I only recently discovered 'The Mad Tin Hatter' blog but it's already proving to be a major source of inspiration for FoW. I have decided after seeing the fantastic array of troops and vehicles laid out on the table in the latest post that I want to base my tanks too, I feel they look so much better on the bases and it offers an opportunity to dress them up a bit, as I plan to do with all of the infantry bases in due course. I must find out where those lovely white flowers and grass tufts come from? Anyway, it's well worth a look if you're into FoW.

On the painting bench.
I have quite a bit to work through for John C next as previously said and some has now been prepped up ready for painting. It will make a nice change to paint wagons and guns etc. You can see some on the table including a couple of resin pieces, ACW signal tower and a cabin that have first washes on followed by a bit of detail work on the canvas so far. You can also see Mathew Brady with flashbulb and the mobile studio behind. The huge siege gun on swivel mount is a hefty piece indeed.

The seven plastic Russian Priests are for Mr Kinch :)

Mathew Brady.

20mm Surgeon gives an idea of the massive scale of this gun!


  1. Thanks for the kind words Lee, much appreciated!

    1. Much deserved! I can see loads there I would like to add to my own stuff in due course. I keep meaning to ask where you get those 'flowers' and tufts etc? They add a nice extra touch to the bases.



    2. Army Painter makes a nice set of white and yellow flower tufts that are readily available. They really add some fun to a base.

      I think Jamie has been using MiniNatur tufts, his flowers might be army painter though.

      I have a tutorial on how I base my British if you are interested,

      PS-Nice work. You are a brave man batch painting all of that infantry!

    3. Thanks Cameron, I'll take a look at your blog :) Idea's always welcome!


  2. I recognise that signal tower.. :o)

    1. Just read that post Steve :) It looks good with the top tower, if a little rickety!

  3. Hi Lee
    my stuff looking good, great job on the signal tower and cabin, can't recall maker, anyone got an idea?

    Brady and his wagon are from a German firm Mini History not sure if they are still going, i also have a photographer with camera (tripod is very delicate bit of resin which i need to repair but you'll be getting that with next batch)

    the field forge is from K &:L /Thomas Industries dating from 1970s, the wagon with hoops in one of the pics is Musket Miniatures (Stone Mountain) in USA

    the rather large artillery piece was by Fine Scale Factory in Germany, think it was at one time sold by Kennington Miniatures now SHQ and the surgeon by it is from an Ulf Debbeler set again from Germany, afraid as far as i know no longer available

    great work as always Lee
    cheers Old John


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