Thursday, 18 September 2014

eBay sale of AWI's - link and more pics.

Further to my post yesterday the figures are now for sale on eBay, the link is:

eBay sale of Perry AWI figures.

I have pulled together some of my previous photos here as they are probably better quality shots than those listed!


  1. Beautiful minis, great paint job!

  2. These are lovely minis and I did place a bid on the auction. I didn't win and there is a part of me that is glad for that since I knew that if I had won at the bid I put in it would have been a steal. As it is I think that whoever did win has got a bargain.

    The thing is that I am in the process of painting up almost exactly the same miniatures. It's my back to the miniatures project inspired by the Rebellion supplement and having looked at the scenarios I know that I need a LOT of figures so hence the bid.

    Even so you have inspired me to paint the lace on the troops which does make them stand out.

    Keep up the good work, I love looking at the photos....


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