Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fife & Drum AWI - first pics .. and some Perry Loyalists.

Its been an extremely hot week here with high humidity, the place is packed with tourists and I have been enjoying my painting between the usual summer break activities, family around, pool up in the garden and time over the beach in the evenings when it's quieter!

I was delighted to get my hands on some of the Fife & Drum Miniatures this week, and having been drooling over images on TMP for many months - in fact since they began to appear - I can say that they are every bit as good as I thought thought they would be. Really very fine sculpts is the first thing you notice, the figures are tall and slim, beautifully proportioned and animated. Muskets and swords are to scale, the muskets appearing very long at first but are to perfect scale. I decided to paint up four of the British light infantry to start, depicted with roundabouts or coat tails removed along with most of the lace etc, hats pinned up, minimal equipment, even the officer has rid himself of most of the lace and badges of his rank, retaining just the gorget, fantastic. Those dastardly Americans would insist on shooting down our officers!

They are slightly more slender than the Perry's but I wont let that bother me at this stage, if needs be I'll  replace the Perry's later down the line, see how things go.

Some pics to be going on with.

Kings Royal 'Yorkers' - Perry plastics.

An American command base.

Fife and Drum - Light infantry skirmishing and command.

Bases will be finished tomorrow.

Comparison shots - LtoR - F&D, Perry, F&D, Perry - not bad at all really.

I'll do a more detailed write up of the Fife & Drum figures in due course, painting another four lights then going to paint 12 militia - they are so spot on period, the clothing will be a joy to do.

Institute of Advanced Loyalist studies.

Saw this link (here) over on TMP and have been enjoying browsing it since. I found this page, supplies for  Lieut. Young's ( Kings Royal Regiment of New York ) mess bill  for a month - I make it 4.5 gallons of Port, 2.5 gallons of wine and 3 pints of spirits aside from anything else!

Lieut Young's mess bill - November 14th to December 10th 1783.


  1. Blooming heck your quick :) very nice job you've done on the light infantry, looking forward to seeing the rest.

  2. lovely work on the F&D figures having painted a whole bunch of these I have to agree they are excellent sculpts

  3. Great sculpts and you've done a cracking job on the mate!


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