Sunday, 13 July 2014

More Perry Plastic AWI's.

I have painted up a few more of the British box set, including a three figure 'leader'  base. I guess if I'm going to do AWI again it has to be on a 'company' level basis, but for now I'm just experimenting with painting methods and colours/shades. Those leggings for example are now simply a base coat of Foundry arctic grey shade over painted with Vallejo off white. The key seems to be where to apply the white and where to leave the grey shade showing, around the knees for example..... a few attempts and now got it! Flesh has been simplifies too: Vallejo light brown over painted with sunny flesh tone, and I try to hit the same spots each figure if I can.

Also experimenting with chunky bases, gives a bit of weight to a plastic figure and is easier to pick up.

Those riflemen - something was bothering me! I just had to repaint all four in matching green hunting shirts, these garments seemed to be issued at company level at least, so matching is kind of OK. They are also the first figures fully bases.

Photos - been building a little space for taking my pics, the bulb is a 70w miniature CMH, the light is very balanced,maybe leaning more towards the blue spectrum. Not quite finished yet, but its producing some nice crisp shots.


  1. Who says that the plastic is not good?
    Great figures, great painting job!
    Congratulations for the nice blog.
    See you soon

  2. Excellent paint job, love the vignette!

  3. Very nice mate. The battle damage to the flag is particularly good!

  4. Thanks for the comments chaps, I'm gradually getting used to the BIG figures again.

    The flag is temporary until I decide what to order from Maverick, they are far better quality and can be ordered sized to fit any flagpole which is useful. I'll probably retain the shot holes though, this flag being quite thick stock it was hard to achieve the 'burn' effect.



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