Thursday, 10 July 2014

More 20mm ACW's for Old John.

A quick update to show some of the 20mm ACW figures I am currently painting for Old John. A mix of makers here but all fine little castings, this lot consists of Reb markers, retiring, falling back etc, low ammo markers, artillery battery flag bearers, casualties etc. Among them are great some character castings - Zouave carrying comrade for example and the magnificent 'Reb with chicken'!

I'll be back onto more 20mm ECW's next week, just have a couple of guns and crews for John to finish first.

20mm ACW figures for the collection of Old John. All require a matt varnish finish.


  1. Reb with chicken - I want one !!!

  2. Brilliant, looking forward to getting them
    1st pic are K&L (Thomas Industries)
    pic 2 to 7 mostly Ulf Debbeler, long gone German maker, he did the chicken!!!
    pic 8 centre flag bearers by RSM (Pax Britannica), at rear by Musket Miniatures (Stone Mountain) as are ammo carriers, dead by Ulf D
    pic 9& 10 Musket Miniatures

    cheers Old John


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