Thursday, 5 June 2014

'Firepower' Museum Woolwich - e petition.

I'd like to share here a post made by Bob Cordery on his blog re the intended closure of the 'Firepower' museum in SE London. Having been there a couple of times and lived in the area for many years I would personally be sad to see it go, and especially when you consider the long connection with Woolwich, where the Royal Artillery were founded in 1714. For over 250 years Royal Artillery gunners were trained at Woolwich and the museum is sited within what was part of the old Royal Arsenal. The closure of Firepower would effectively sever the final link with Woolwich from where gunners were sent to battlefields across the World. The gunners serving the cannon at Culloden, Waterloo and in the American War of Independence were trained there to name but a few. Please sign the petition to help try and save it. Thank you.

Link to petition.


  1. Thank you for doing this.

    The more people who sign the e-petition, the more likely it is to have an impact.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks a lot for your efforts. Unfortunately as a non-British non-UK-resident I'm not allowed to sign.

    Good luck !


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