Friday, 2 August 2013

More 20mm ACW's.

More commission work.
Here are some more shots of the latest painted stuff for the collection of 'Old John'. It makes me smile to think that 400 or so pieces represents merely an addition to John's vast ACW collection! So far this time it's mostly camp scenes, HQ sets etc, but there is much, much more to come. As usual these 20mm figures are a joy to paint. Manufacturers are numerous and I'm sure John will answer any questions about this. The Bandsmen are pretty rare John tells me, they certainly make a lovely set. The inspiration for painting these came from the photo in the Time Life book 'Forward to Richmond' which clearly shows a Confederate band in a mix of 'Butternut' (never a single shade of course), and grey.

On a side note it's been interesting to learn that John and I were both members of ACW re- enactment society 'SOSKAN' at around the same time, John of course being a die hard Reb and I being a member of the 42nd 'Bucktails'. As John pointed out, he probably shot me a few times!! Great memories.

I have now completed around 100 15mm figures for this new 'quickie' project. Tomorrow I intend to put them on the C&C N board for some photos, and I will also outline my ideas for adapting the rules for this period. Another week should see this one finished, and then to follow will be some beautiful Pendraken ECW figures in 10mm for myself :-)

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. W-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l - please don't do this, Lee. Having made a better-than-expected fist of starting the ECW from scratch (with your inestimable help!), I really can't start getting interested in the ACW.

    Cold shower time...

  2. The Bandsmen were produced by a German maker "Ulf Debbeler" who also made many ACW subjects, many of which will appear on Lee's blog as he works through my lead mountains

    Pics 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, were made by Musket Miniatures ( ex Stone Mountain) from USA, again more to follow

    Pics 8,9, 11 are from Qualiticast USA command set inc Buford, Meade etc

    End pic, Irregular Miniatures, handy little set, useful for various periods

    Brilliant work, Lee, very many thanks for doing them for me, really pleased you enjoy doing them
    cheers Old John

  3. Tony - the ACW is one of those periods that slowly draws you in! How long will you be able to resist :-)

    John - cheers for the information. Lots of character figures here, I love the guy playing the banjo, and the bald headed Reb smoking his pipe. The quality of those grazing horses is just excellent, look at the muscle tone and the shape of the head for example,wonderful sculpting.


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