Tuesday, 13 August 2013

C&C for the AWI ..... a test run.

Lovely quiet day here, family all gone out for the day, so I thought I would take advantage and have a run through of my intended AWI game using individual figures to replace the wooden blocks on the C&C rules. I have been giving the rules a lot of thought and working on some initial troop tables (see below). I have now covered most of the infantry types and artillery, the cavalry rules I'm still working on. The armies currently stand as follows:

7 'units' of infantry including lights, grenadiers, line and a mighty 5 block guards brigade.
2 units of green coated loyalist infantry
1 unit of Indians
2 batteries of field guns.
3 'leader' figures.
1 unit of cavalry - light dragoons.

Continental Army.
6 units of Continental line
2 of light infantry
1 unit of riflemen
3 militia units
2 batteries of field guns
3 'leader' figures

Once again I stress that I am looking for a fun and fast game, with a reasonable period feel to it. I laid out the board with plenty of terrain tiles to represent large areas of light woodland with fordable streams running through and some expanses of hills. I then set the figures down fairly randomly as shown below. The Continental army is deployed across all three sections of the board, with the militia brigade formed upon the left flank, supported by light infantry and artillery. The main continental line troops are in the centre and right, with the rifle unit at extreme right where there is a lot of woodland in front.

I have adjusted all of the combat charts to fit the types of troops on the table and to reflect the AWI. For example, the riflemen are 4 blocks and essentially counted as 'reliable militia' who will fall back only 2 hexes per flag roll instead of 3 for most militia troops and just 1 hex for trained regulars, but they have fire combat capabilities of well trained shooters and those long rifles give them an advantage in range of 3 hexes over standard muskets (2). I consider all of the troops to be operating in a loose order over this broken terrain, but the designated light units have an advantage in move and fire combat. The two Loyalist units (Kings Royal Yorkers and Queens Rangers) I have rated slightly down on the British regulars and Continental line for this game. The only Indian unit I have experimentally given abilities based on them being reasonably good shots and somewhat fearsome in hand to hand combat, but they too will fall back 3 hexes on a flag roll. I may well make adjustments based upon how things go in this test game. I still need a few more units per side but this should be sufficient for a run through. I'm also working out how best to use 'battalion' guns, I'd like these light guns to have to remain in support of its parent unit, moving with it and employing 'combined arms fire' under the rules. Meantime the guns on the board are standard light field guns.

The game is a straightforward head on encounter to test the rules.

I ended up playing through about one and a half hours of turns, I really enjoyed it and liked the fluid feel of the battle. Combined arms worked well in this game as did most of the C&C tried and tested mechanics. The Guards were destroyed for being far too 'cocky' and advancing too far on a Grande manouever card, musketry and artillery fire at short range decimated them. They ignored 2 retreat flags due to their status, but would probably have been better to have withdrawn at that stage. The militia did not get into the fight but the main Continental infantry stood up well to the British regulars, despite an advantage to the Brits in melee combat. Only two VP's were actually won, had I played on no doubt they would have come thick and fast!

Overall I'm a happy man so far, this 'boardgame with figures' concept is perfect for me. I need to work on cavalry actions next and paint up more units, Hessians, light 'galloper' guns, Continental Dragoons etc, and of course some more suitable VP markers.

Took plenty of pictures as usual. Tomorrow it's back to finishing off a 32 figure unit of 20mm Confederate infantry for Old John, the 'Richmond Greys' in early war frock coat with epaulettes and shako.

The British left and centre deployment.

British right flank.

Continental right.

Continental left - light infantry supported by a brigade of militia.

Freshly painted! Indians and Loyalists.

Those Guards again, in reserve.

Continental line infantry - including two new units.

The British centre ready to advance.

Hard fighting along the centre following the rapid British advance.

The Guards reduced to 2 blocks!
Converged Grenadiers reduced to a single block  by Continental line supported by artillery.

Position at close of play - 14 British casualties to 10 American.

My newly created playsheets - the figures in the combat tables have been already rounded up or down where required according to troop type but may be subject to change.

A good day for the Continental army - they took the full force of the best British troops in the centre and held their ground firmly inflicting heavy casualties. 


  1. Commands and Colors and miniatures are a perfect combination. I use this combination for both ancients and samurai battles.

    Outstanding work!

  2. "For me enjoyment comes from painting soldiers first, but I don't enjoy painting large units of them!" I saw this comment of yours on TMP this morning. Couldn't agree more, I've come to much the same conclusion of late. This project is going to showcase miniatures without becoming a demanding ordeal. I'll follow this with interest. Inspirational as always.


    1. Thanks again Ron. I'm pleased with how it's going myself. I find you can give the figures that extra bit of attention and such a project as this can be put together really quite quickly.



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