Friday, 28 June 2013

More figures - more pictures!

I thought I would post some pictures of ongoing commission work, latest 20mm ECW cavalry for Tony. Another two regiments of horse, the Royalist regt is finished and the Parliamentarian unit underway. Both of 12 figures as usual, I get a buzz from the fact I will eventually have painted all of the cavalry and dragoons for this excellent C&C related project, and added to what is a fantastic collection of 20mm figures.

Last few units left to complete the 10mm AWI project this week, completed the five battalions of militia and really pleased with the way they turned out. This is the last one completed.

Just taken delivery of the biggest box of unpainted figures I think I have seen! All 20mm American Civil War.... I am obviously going to enjoy this one. Not had a chance to work out whats in there yet fully, but 400+ figures/pieces including lots of camp scenes, wounded etc, Union and Confederate command HQ's, including some very rare  figures - will be a real joy to work on.

Below - 10mm scale Pendraken militia.

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