Tuesday, 11 June 2013

French Light Infantry.

I have completed the 12 figure Light Infantry unit, this could be a '4 block' C&C N unit. Gave them some extra highlights over the magic wash which seem to stand out well.

Next up will be a 16 figure battalion of highlanders, again I have given them a few extra touches as I go, the first 8 you see about half painted or so. The tartan will be the last thing painted.

Also a close up shot of another 10mm Penrdaken AWI unit finished this morning.

Firstly - Essex Miniatures 15mm French Lights.

10mm Pendraken AWI battalion in mixed hunting shirts and uniform coats.


  1. You really are productive! As we have moved to a new apartment I have hardly painted a dot. I have however found and old box of Langtons, and I started painting one of the ships. A frigate. My first ever. Which leads me to a question. I noticed your try at Langton ships and I really like the creamy colour on the sails. The sails are large and pretty much a make or break for this type of miniature. Which colours did you use? /Cheers, Haakan

  2. Well done indeed!


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