Thursday, 6 June 2013

Blast! ...still can't get the lighting correct.

I had hoped these would turn out much better than they have, I tried a different lamp spectrum but it's too red now. Anyway, some close ups of some the figures for 'Old John' I wanted to send him for his files. I'l try adding more blue light next time to see if I can get more balance. These are metal 20mm figures, I must add a link to John's blog here as he can provide more information on the manufacturer and ranges etc. I understand John owns the masters/moulds for many of the old 20mm ranges. They really are a joy to paint.

I'm just finishing off a Swiss line infantry battalion, had to do it after browsing 'stryker's' blog, let's face it, who can resist them? Pictures once all completed and based over the weekend.


  1. Some great looking units here! Love the cavalry and the peasants!

  2. the Dragoons in fur caps are "Warrior 1690 " range mounted on Minifigs "S" range horses as Jacobites at Boyne

    dragoons in tricornes( Irish in Venetian service) and the Hessians are Les Higgins Marlburians

    last 4 pics are Monmouth's rebels for Sedgemoor by Irregular Miniatures

    cheers Old John


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