Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Work in progress - pictures.

A few pictures of work in progress, my first attempt at a unit of 6mm Spanish cavalry (24 figures). The customers sample saved me a lot of research, this really is not my period at all but hopefully now I'm just beginning to get a better feel for it. I'm finding myself lacking a couple of 'ancient' shades, so I'll get them on order to save mixing.

On a Napoleonic theme, a couple of shots of what will be the last of three battalions of Spanish Militia in 20mm, each comprising 24 figures. These figures (Falcata) have a nice slim and well proportioned appearance, I really like them. Once all three battalions are finished in a couple of days time I'll grab a snap of them all together before they head off home!

As well as pushing on with the 6mm Rome v Carthage commission I'll be starting next on some wonderful 20mm Les Higgins Marlburians, really nice figures. I'm looking forward to working on them.


  1. Nice to see you keeping busy Lee! I really like those Spanish militia figs... very nice.

  2. Yeah, +1 on the Spanish, they look terrific.

  3. Mmm...Spanish. I must get weaving on my lads.


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