Sunday, 27 January 2013

Russian expansion - unit breakdown.

There is much excitement and eager anticipation online centred around the release of the Commands & Colors Russian Expansion. I have been waiting to find out the block breakdown before going ahead with my own 6mm Russians, and here it is:

Russian Units
Line Inf 9 units 3 blocks each (plus up to six of the units may be strengthened to 4 blocks each by Mother Russia special rule)Light Inf 6 units 3 blocks each (plus up to three of the units may be strengthened to 4 blocks each by Mother Russia special rule)
Grenadier Inf 4 units 4 blocks each
Guard Lt Inf 2 units 4 blocks each
Guard Gren Inf 2 units 4 blocks each 
Militia Inf 2 units 4 blocks each
Lt Cav 3 units 4 blocks each
Hvy Cav 2 units 4 blocks each
Cuirassier Hvy Cav 2 units 4 blocks each
Gd Lt Cav 1 unit 4 blocks
Gd Hvy cav 1 unit 6 blocks
Cossack Cav 3 units 2 blocks each (plus up to four more Cossack two block units may be added by Mother Russia special rule)
Foot Arty 4 units 3 blocks each (plus up to four of the units may be strengthened to 4 blocks each by Mother Russia special rule)
Horse Arty 1 unit 3 blocks
Guard Foot Arty 1 unit 3 blocks
Leader 4 blocks

French units (no new types - just added units to basic)
Line Inf 2 units 4 blocks each
Younf Guard Inf 2 units 8 blocks 
Old Gd Inf 3 units 12 blocks
Gd Foot Arty 1 unit 3 blocks
Leader 1 block

Bit disappointing to see the Cossack units at just 2 blocks each, but I'm happy to go along with the designer on this. I have just painted my second Cossack unit, a red coated unit of Guard Cossacks to contrast with the blue coats of the previously painted unit. This regiment was defeated by the 23rd Chasseurs a Cheval at Polotsk in 1812, who were glad to capture some of their horses which they considered excellent. I'll focus next on building up some line and light battalions. I am inclined to base my Russian infantry in columns (similar to my French).

Blog plans.
As we move into 2013 I have been giving more thought to the future direction of my blog. I am now determined that this blog will remain focused on Napoleonic battles and Commands and Colors rules. To this end I'll be removing the recent non - Napoleonic posts and re-posting all of the 'Ancients' pics etc over on the 'WarArtist' blog as examples of my work. What I plan here for the year ahead is as follows:

  • A 6mm Russian army, plus the expansion of the French Grande Armee once Baccus have redesigned the French range, which will now include infantry in greatcoats and many more codes.
  • To play and post as many of the scenarios from the Peninsular War as possible and to present them in a consistent style as a series.
  • To then later play and post scenarios from the Russian expansion.
  • To gradually begin to work towards the final 'Waterloo' scenario, which I plan to do on a larger scale grid using each base to represent a single 'block'. It's a long term focus, but I have it very much in my sights. I'm looking towards 2015 of course for this.

Above all I want this blog to remain a useful source of reference for anybody contemplating using C&C-N with miniatures, but more especially with 6mm miniatures. I'd like to thank everybody who continues to follow the blog, and I hope you enjoy the future direction. For a taster, here is the scenario list from the new expansion set .... quite mouthwatering don't you agree?

Czarnowo - 23 December 1806
Golymin - 26 December 1806
Pultusk - 26 December 1806
Mohrungen - 25 January 1807
Eylau Plateau Russian Rearguard - 7 February 1807
Eylau - 8 February 1807 (8AM to Noon)
Eylau - 8 February 1807 (Murat’s Cavalry Charge)
Heilsberg (Opening Phase) - 10 June 1807
Friedland - 14 June 1807
Borodino - 5 September 1812 (Shevardino Redoubt)
Borodino - 7 September 1812 (Village of Borodino)
Borodino - 7 September 1812 (Utitza)
Borodino - 7 September 1812 (Raevski Redoubt)
Polotsk - 18 October 1812
Maloyaroslavets - 24 October 1812
Krasnoi - 17 November 1812
Crossing the Berezina - 27/28 November 1812
Champaubert - 10 February 1814
Montmirail - 11 February 1814
Craonne - 7 March 1814


  1. Looking good Lee. Looks like you're going to be a busy boy this year mate.

    Al the best,

    1. Cheers Steve, I like to keep myself busy!


  2. Looking forward immensely to seeing your plans take shape.

    Do you know if C&CN is planning an Austrian expansion. I must confess I thought it would be released before the Russians, so bought myself a Baccus Austrian army pack on that basis. Guess I'll need to get Russians now... Like you, I'm holding off on the French until the range is re-sculpted.

    1. Hello Simon, cheers for the comments. Re the Austrian expansion I think it may already have been released! I confess I had not realised it, but this from the GMT site confirms it.

      The Baccus plans for the French looks great and it will be nice to have those crisp bayonets of the later British castings.



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