Thursday, 17 January 2013

Carthaginian cavalry shots.

I've not had a lot of spare time recently so nothing as yet of a Napoleonic nature to add here, but here are some new pictures of the latest ancient cavalry units for my clients huge Rome V Carthage  project. These are all '3 block' units for Commands and Colors Ancients 'Epic' battles. The medium cavalry (blue edges) each comprise 24 figures while the lights (green edges) comprise 18 figures each. You can see the first three 'Moorish' units (2 of which have unfinished bases), light cavalry who were regarded as some of the best in the ancient world as I understand, and who rode small horses bareback style without bridles. I have a monster bag of these troops to complete ( another 9 units no less!) before moving onto Spanish and Moorish infantry, again in large numbers. A sneak look ahead also promises (I think) 18 elephants, with bases dotted with javelin armed skirmishers, and later still the command bases for both armies. Hope you enjoy the pictures, if nothing else they demonstrate the mass impact of 6mm figures I think, and just how much the casting quality and detail of this scale has improved over recent years. My personal mission has been to try paint these figures to the best of my ability, every single figure gets individual attention.

I have decided that I will stick to posting images of 6mm figures on this blog, any larger brethren I paint being shown over on my 'War Artist' update page. If you can bear with me I'll be adding more Napoleonics in due course to my own collection. I plan a full Russian army for C&C, and also intend to branch out into adding Dutch Belgians, Nassau, Brunswick, Scots Greys, French Guard for the later period.

The original terrain board cloth I made is being rebuilt using lighter wood and will be re framed slightly smaller. It's looking a bit sorry for itself right now having been cut out. I'll get pics up here once its finished.

On a final note I should add that my 6mm ECW collection has now been sold as it became clear that due to time constraints I could only really focus on a single project now. The good news is that the buyer wishes me to add some additional units to the collection and at least the figures will finally see some proper use!


  1. Only 6mm!!!!
    And they look so nice!

    I am sure you already said it, but what brand are they?

  2. Great job. Those will be impressive armies when all finished.


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