Saturday, 5 January 2013

Some 6mm Ancients 'eye candy'!

With the customer calling in to collect the next batch tomorrow I thought I'd take a few pics of the magnificent site of 11 solid blocks of Carthaginian infantry, they look ready to march straight through anything standing in their way! I like the 'side on' shots, showing the spears and helmets. In the rear are the two Roman cavalry units shown previously and the 4 units of Roman lights. Took a while to get the right impression of the wolves heads, which I wanted to contrast with the linen cloth. I think they look OK though, I have to remind myself "they're only 6mm's tall!). Next week I'll be starting on lots of cavalry Spanish and Moorish units.

As I said above, it's just a bit of eye candy for those who enjoy browsing pics of 6mm figures. I'm now working on improving my faces, these Baccus figures have detailed faces, eyes, ears, noses, mouths, the key is the right brush.... I think I may have finally found mine.

As a final note I'll just mention Peters 2013 plans for the Baccus range have been published and make mouth watering reading, with the French Napoleonic range due to be completely re issued and to include many extras, including infantry in greatcoats and more Guard. Pop over there and have a read.

Hope you like the pics.


  1. Lee, I know Mark has had you doing some WOTR 6mm for him and he's delighted with the results.

  2. They look fantastic Lee - bet you'll be sorry to see them go!

  3. Good to hear that Phil,thanks.

    Cheers CK,

    Ian, oddly enough I'm quite detached from them, I think you have to be doing this otherwise I'd want to keep everything I paint! I am proud to be producing 6mm troops of this quality though for customers.

    All the best chaps,



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