Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cossacks and other news!

So could this be the start of something Russian? Possibly in time yes, but I found a bag of cossacks whilst rummaging through my Baccus figures - must have found their way in to one of my orders by mistake possibly - and decided to give them a quick paint up to see how more 'irregular' basing would look. I really like the overall effect, same number of figures as all my Peninsular cavalry -18, but in three loose ranks.

Other news. 
I'm now about ready to offer my painting services, as discussed here recently. I would like to specialise in the smaller scales of 6mm and 15/18mm, plus 20mm metals. The reason for this is because I think thats what I'm best at! I'm going to spend the weekend ahead getting some info put up in a dedicated page with prices etc. Although I'm in a position to dedicate myself full time to painting I'll only be accepting one or two commission jobs at a time so as not to overwhelm myself as I did last year. In addition I'll be painting up popular 15mm units for auction on ebay, most likely in the Napoleonic, AWI and ancients periods to begin with. More shortly.

6mm Cossacks, Baccus figures.


  1. All the best for the new venture Lee. I'll be sticking with your blog to marvel at your great figures; always inspiring!

  2. I'll let Mark know - he needs someone to paint his late medieval Welsh and English.

  3. Best of luck Lee. I'm sure you'll be kept busy as your painting standard is spot on mate.

    All the best,


  4. Thank you very much chaps :-)

    Cheers Phil, that's great.


  5. To Lee,
    I have just recently started to do Wargaming in size 28mm Napoleonic's, it's been over twenty years since I last painted any figures.
    I have started reading up on wargaming re figures, paints, etc and now I have started to paint and make Wargaming my hobby, now that I am 50 years old!!!
    I have looked at your site on many occasions (great site and figures) and would like some advice on basing my figures etc.
    I am painting 28mm Perry and Victrix figures, I have decided to use acrylic to paint them and I am very near to finishing my first unit of (18) Old Guard Grenadiers.

    Can you help advise me on the following:
    1. What size should units be and can you have different sizes?
    2. What size should I be basing my figures on?
    3. Does it matter whether I base them in three or four on a base?
    4. In the Perry boxes you get bases, should or can I just use them for all my figures?
    5. What paints do you use?

    I am only going to play with a set of basic wargaming rules!

    Please can you help and advise me.



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