Sunday, 28 October 2012


Thanks to a couple of evenings spent reading through Konrad Kinch's most excellent 'Peninsular Battles' series in which he re-fights all of the Commands & Colors battle scenarios (save the 2 Hundred Days Campaign scenarios), I have regained my enthusiasm for wargames. Something about reading those splendidly written accounts I find very inspiring. Last night I re-read the 1st position at Rolica scenario, which is the only one I have played solo so far. I have also been having a crack at this scenario again using Vassal for C&CN. I'm gradually getting used to this system and I hope to shortly be sufficiently confident to take on Mr Kinch without making a complete hash of things! I plan to set up the Rolica scenario again shortly for another run through, this time taking more time to develop the British central attack against the ridge and the two hills on the flanks of the French position, the capture of which are rewarded with Victory points.

Meantime I'm working back though my Napoleonic bases and highlighting the brown patches slightly, which I think greatly improves the overall appearance.

My painting service has got off to a very good start, in fact it looks like I may be fully booked for several months ahead now as I work on a large (non Napoleonic) project. I'm currently working through some AB Figures Napoleonic Imperial Guard figures, infantry, cavalry and artillery. These Chassuers a Cheval of the Guard are now finished, the picture shows them at about 90% painted stage. Wonderful figures these AB's, but I still love my 6mm forces!


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