Thursday, 18 October 2012


I must confess to having slightly lost my enthusiasm for gaming at the moment. I'm not sure why but I seem to have no interest in moving figures around the table currently. This happens to me from time to time, but unlike previously my enthusiasm for painting remains high. I think it's a lot to do with being able to suspend disbelief or something, being able to identify with those miniatures in recreating a historical battle.

I decided to let this blog stand as it is, looking back its got some nice images and information on 6mm Napoleonics which might hopefully inspire others just as I was inspired by a few favourite blogs. Meantime I'm busy with my new painting service, got a few weeks work ahead  on some 6mm figures and some 18mm AB figures so I'm happy. I'm also filling in by painting some of the bits and pieces I have left here in 28mm, although I don't accept commissions in this scale. This French gun and crew (pre 1812 line artillery) are going up on eBay today on a 3 day auction, won't go for much but at least I should get my money back for the castings.

I hope to paint another 6mm base for the Napoleonic collection over the weekend.


  1. Very nice Lee. I know what you mean about losing motivation in so far as the gaming goes.. I've suffered this myself just lately and as for painting my output this year has been pathetic to say the least!
    You should put a link up from the blog to your ebay listings mate... I'm sure you'll do well.

    All the best,

  2. Me too! Just come out of a roughly 6 month slump, but am feeling enthused at the moment.... it happens.... it'll happen again..... f.w.i.w. I find wargame shows to be a real pick me up.... get yourself along to one soonest! :o)

    1. Lee, keep going mate. Some of the best laughs I've had have been around the wargaming table - usually at Mark's expense. I told him about your painting service and I believe he's placed an order already. Knowing the amount of stuff he has unpainted it could be the first of many. Phil

  3. Chin up old man! If you fancy giving vassal a try drop me a line.

  4. Diito the previous comments really, but leaving the blog here for posterity with very occasional updates is a great idea. It's certainly inspired me and I'm sure many others, whether its dipping our toes into 6mm, trying CCN or both!

    Have you done ACW in 6mm yet? You mentioned in an earlier post that you found a much stronger empathy with that period, perhaps you could transfer your enthusiasm and skills back to that period, just to keep your gaming hand in? I don't know if there's a Commands and Colours variant for it?

  5. To Lee,
    I have just recently started to do Wargaming in size 28mm Napoleonic's, it's been over twenty years since I last painted any figures.
    I have started reading up on wargaming re figures, paints, etc and now I have started to paint and make Wargaming my hobby, now that I am 50 years old!!!
    I have looked at your site on many occasions (great site and figures) and would like some advice on basing my figures etc.
    I am painting 28mm Perry and Victrix figures, I have decided to use acrylic to paint them and I am very near to finishing my first unit of (18) Old Guard Grenadiers.

    Can you help advise me on the following:
    1. What size should units be and can you have different sizes?
    2. What size should I be basing my figures on?
    3. Does it matter whether I base them in three or four on a base?
    4. In the Perry boxes you get bases, should or can I just use them for all my figures?
    5. What paints do you use?

    I am only going to play with a set of basic wargaming rules!

    Please can you help and advise me.


  6. That painting is simply magnificent Lee. No matter what the scale, you provide us with a treat, thanks!


  7. I think every painter/wargamer has their occasional sabbatical from the hobby. I've just got back into 10mm ECW (thanks largely to stumbling across your excellent 6mm blog) after a few months of being absent from the painting/wargaming table. Can't get enough time in the day now for the hobby. I genuinely hope the urge returns and if nothing else... keep up the ECW piccies :-)

  8. THank you so much chaps for all of the comments, I appreciate it.

    Conrad Kinch - I'm still getting to grips with Vassal,or more specifically C&CN on the screen.I'm getting there though and I would love to take you up on that offer of a game soon as I'm confident!

    Simon, yes there is a C&C AWC version, an early version I believe as the boxed game came with plastic soldiers rather than blocks, but of course can be played with 6mm miniatures too. Its called 'Battle-cry' and I have the rules and some scenarios which look really good. I think it's OOP now? Heres a link:
    It's something for the future!

    David, if you email me at I'll try to answer your questions for you.

    Thanks again for all the supportive comments,



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