Saturday, 28 March 2020

Simply model soldiers!

I wish I could come up with some catchy post titles like other bloggers do, but I can't so here we are with yet another post featuring model soldiers recently finished off.

This lockdown is starting to get to me a bit I must confess, but we are all in the same boat and have to get on with it. The upside for me is that I have almost limitless time to paint soldiers and I'm certainly cracking through them. The completion of the 20mm Spanish infantry and mounted provost figure for John completes the  current box, and with the sun shining I laid them all out for  a group photo session in the kitchen before I pack them. The natural light allows for improved photo quality compared to those taken under my painting lamp, it also allows me to rotate the figures for side and rear views.

With the decks clear for a bit I'm turning my attention back to 40mm again for a while. While I wait for my RHA crew figures to come through I painted the two guns for them, they are of course by Sash & sabre. Won't be too long to wait now. 

I was lucky that my Perry Miniatures order was posted out on the morning that they announced the three week closure so I'm going to paint through the 24 figure battalion before I do anything else, you see below the quality of the castings, I'll split the 20 privates into 4 groups of 5 for painting then finish with the 4 command figures. After these I have the 8 Polish Guard Lancers to paint (Sash & sabre). lances will need to be added from brass rod and reigns this time possibly from tin foil.

Might need to grab a few more paints if my online suppliers are still open for business.

Meantime I now have 22 bases painted for the 6mm project with another Baccus order in the pipeline, so it's time for battle.

Lots of pictures below, painted soldiers is after all what this blog has always been about!


  1. Your output is really impressive, and the newly finished figures look lovely.

    Best Regards,


    1. Many thanks Stokes. Painting figures is keeping me sane at the moment!

  2. I know what you mean about 'things' getting to you.' Its only when you arent doing something do you appreciate what you were actually doing.I think keeping busy is key, but sometimes the busy just isnt enough. We are lucky that we love toy soldiers and everything surrounding them. Love the winged hussars, I really wish I hadnt offloaded my Polish armies. Stick in there and best of luck.

    1. Hi, I'm taking things day by day as I'm sure most of us are at the moment. I'm kind of setting myself weekly targets and the painting of another 40mm battalion has certainly got my enthusiasm going. I enjoy painting for John because his collection is so varied and I don't have to paint a load of figure in the same pose.

  3. Very nice, you put entire units while I am still on hats! :-)

    I am okay with the isolating, it is strange how the unusual becomes the usual.

    1. Hi Norm, I'm tending to do morning and afternoon sessions painting now, bit of a routine going, have my couple of cups of coffee, walk the dog for a bit of fresh air then sit down and paint. I like to have something on the IPad which sits above my paint box and I enjoy TV detective series. Last week it was Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) this weeks it's Maigret (Micheal Gambon), I find the latter very listenable with the occasional glance up at the screen. I can't paint in silence. My wife likes to knit, but her passion is cooking so we are eating well.

  4. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!! many thanks for painting them for me, really appreciated, and for those who might be interested to know which units & makers
    rear rank L to R
    Spanish Ordenes Neuvo cavalry Irregular Miniatures Restoration on 30yw horses
    Polish Winged Hussars Minifigs
    centre rank
    Spanish Death Hussars maker unknown
    Portuguese cavalry Irregulsr Miniatures Marlburian range rider on Les Higgins horses
    Spanish Preboste ( Provost) Les Higgins
    front rank
    Joyeuses Grenadiers POWs in Saxon Service Les Higgins
    Spanish Infantry by Hagen Miniatures
    Polish Dragoons for Vienna, Hagen Miniatures
    Duke of Berwick, Les Higgins general on 30YW horse
    cheers Old John

  5. Those are lovely, 'Lee! Nice to see you doing things again in the One True Scale too!
    Best of luck for the duration. We're only on day three of our total national lockdown and it's already sending me round the bend.

    1. HI Matt. I'm trying hard to see this as a positive experience, the discipline of painting soldiers keeps my mind occupied much of the day right now. This week I'm painting 40mm Spanish infantry, I'm getting through five figures in two days! Best wishes to you and your family, keep well.

  6. Lovely toy soldiers! Glad your keeping busy painting toy soldiers, I seem to have less time than usual as I am painting loads around the house!
    Best Iain


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