Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Adding foliage to Jagdpanthers.

I'm continuing to work on my Flames of war collection, with a first run through of 4th Edition planned for the Easter weekend. I'm pulling together 2 basic armies from the 'Open Fire' lists, reorganising the command structure and finishing off some final touched on the models. My tank/AFC collection for US & German forces now exceeds 100 models, but for this game my German armour will consist of 5 x StuG's, 5 x Panzer 4H's and 2 x Jadgpanther as 1st and 2nd in command. I'll also field a company of 2 platoons of Panzergrenadiers, supported by 3 medium mortar teams, 2 anti tank guns, 2 recce armoured cars and air support in the shape of a JU87 Stuka. I have painted more bases of Peter Pig late war infantry to make up the two platoons to complete the requirements.

I had painted the 2 Jagdpanthers some time ago, and decided to try and match the StuG's with their foliage so typical of the late war period when the Allies dominated the skies. Twig cuttings were taken from the garden, trimmed down and superglued to the superstructure - Germans tank crews were supplied with 'D' rings that were welded on and the branches poked through rather than netting.
Pictures show the various stages of gluing on the twigs and then building up the foliage using Noch leaf products, light, medium and dark shades. I use thick PVA 'blobs' to apply the leaf on the sticks until I'm happy with the look. Having completed these I'm now working on the Panzer 4 platoon, trying not to overdo things!

A Sherman commanders nightmare.

Small twigs ready for gluing.

The StuG's I'm trying match.
Foliage added.

First of the Panzer 4H models with foliage added.


  1. Very effective. Great looking force.

  2. Nice foliage, do the stugs look better because of all the extra stowage and kit?
    Best Iain

    1. Yes, I think you are right Iain. I'm planning to add stowage etc to these as well.


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