Saturday, 11 July 2015

Fall in the 30th Foot.

Completed and satin varnished, here are the 30th Foot ready to be packed up and posted. I'm straight onto more Spaniards now for Tony as I'm in a pretty productive painting mood right now. I enjoyed painting the flags, was a challenge with lot's of touching up of stray lines etc!  The engraving in the flag was extremely helpful.

These are all vintage Hinton Hunts I believe, and includes the lovely officer of the Guards who stayed far too late at the ball :)

Things have settled down on the domestic front and Mum in law is comfortable in a very nice care home with a full funding package in place so for the time being it's relatively normal.

Today in Dymchurch 'our' Martello tower will be open to the public, it's a rare thing these days, only been open a few days over the last few years so I'm going to brag some photos of the interior for the blog. I recall the original musket racks were still in situ and it's very atmospheric inside.


  1. Nice regiment :)
    The trip inside the Martello looks fascinating...

  2. Very good looking regiment.


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