Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A peep at the 30th Foot!

About done, saved the two flags for last and all just need a final detail check and varnish. I need to check the shade of officers sashes. I'm pleased that they will make it in time for Vintage Waterloo, British Napoleonics are always a challenge to paint but I'm pleased with these I must say.

I'll do a last pic with close ups once all removed from the caps etc prior to packing them up.

Edit: Flags painted and figures satin varnished, a couple more shots outdoors added.

*Edited to add: no brass or steel bands on the Brown Bess barrels as I believe is correct? Not sure quite how but the Bess barrels were 'pinned'.


  1. Lee, what can I say - wonderful!

  2. Lee, those are absolutely stunning!

  3. Yep. They look fantastic.

    Best Regards,


  4. Really nicely done. They are so lovely that I can't even think of anything childish to say about Hinton Hunts!


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