Wednesday, 17 December 2014

More 6mm AWI progress.

My last planned blog post of 2014 will feature all of my AWI armies painted so far set out on the table, but for the time being here are a few shots of some of the most recent stuff.

I completed a second battalion of militia - again I decided to leave the bayonets on rather than risk spoiling the castings. The white markings on the bases represent 'militia'.

I rebased the command figures on larger (40mm circular bases) and added some infantry figures behind them for impact.

I have been working on terrain items too, as you can see modular pieces that can go together in various ways to create small village/town bases. Designed to take a full unit (120mm wide) and to clearly indicate when a BUA is occupied. I have also made more tree bases and started river sections.

Latest unit on the painting table is a unit of Hessian Grenadiers (Von Rall), which will be 44 figures strong once completed.

Back soon with the final Christmas post featuring a grand parade of all the AWI units painted to date.


  1. These really are super - it's good to put them in picture with the paint bottles, since otherwise it's easy for us to forget just how small these chaps are! Lovely job - excellent.

  2. Very little and splendid...don't know how you manage this, love the units and the buildings as well...

  3. Great work on the command and buildings. I will be looking forward to seeing the full collection on display.

  4. Absolutely wonderful work Lee. The command stands look terrific.I'll have to pinch that idea for my own small scale projects.


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