Thursday, 4 December 2014

Foot Guards & militia pics.

Here are the now completed Foot Guards- consisting of men drawn from all of the Guards companies- and brigaded together as an elite fighting unit. Represented by 64 figures including the mounted officer on rearing horse! Lace removed from uniforms as correct and hats 'cut round' as ordered.

Also the first unit of militia completed. I'm going to stop for a while now and test out some rules, but I may have to invest in Black Powder as I keep reading good things about them.

I'll continue to add to the AWI's at my leisure now as I have enough to play with, but I have already decided on the next project ....... Zulus! Well I should say 'Colonial' but I'll start with Zulus and British infantry to oppose them. I'm thinking that 500 odd 6mm Zulus could look quite spectacular?



  1. Hi Lee,

    Really impressive work.

    Regarding the Zulu War I suggest reading the following two books:

    Black Soldiers of the Queen: The Natal Native Contingent in the Anglo-Zulu War by P.S. Thompson

    The Anatomy of the Zulu Army: From Shaka to Cetshwayo, 1818-79 (Greenhill Military Paperback) by Ian Knight

    The are some line drawings in Ian Knights book that give a good impression of how a Zulu company would deploy. Often people just base Zulu's as an irregular horde and that's not really right. Really they should be in multiple thin lines - I've based some like that for my own AZW project for Black Powder

    The other book really good and gives you a different view of the war. It covers most of the major and minor encounters and gives a very detailed look at the NNC.

    Hope the above helps.


    1. Thanks Richard, that's really useful info. I just looked at the pics on your blog and must admit I would have based my Zulus as a 'horde' too! They look much better as you have them and more realistic.




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