Sunday, 5 October 2014

Painting progress.

Had a good weeks painting this week, got a lot done and I'm pleased with all of it. Firstly I got to finish off this 55 figure English Civil War unit, the third I have done so far for Graham. The deep red works well with the green lining showing at the cuffs. 16 pikemen flanked by two blocks each of 16 musketeers plus 7 command figures. 20mm SHQ Miniatures, very nice figures to paint although I had to drill out all the pike hands otherwise the pikes won't fit through. I'm pleased with these.

Next up are these 20mm plastic Crimean Generals for Mr. Kinch. I think they are by Strelets and are fine little sculpts. Once undercoated black you can see some real character. I'll enjoy painting these.
To follow are more Early Spanish infantry for Tony then back to Old John!

Now, as I always have to be doing something 'for myself' on the side (even though it will probably end up on ebay a few months on!), I decided to have another go at 6mm, just to see what I could still do with them. I ordered an AWI British Army pack from Baccus and  is the first weeks output is shown below, 2 line battalions, a Grenadier battalion and light infantry. A most enjoyable experience again. I'll just paint these as and when I feel like it, in between the other work.


  1. Great work as usual Lee!

    If you want a new project for yourself I'd love to see how you would create a Crimean War army of your own. The various plastics do look tempting and I know you thought about it once before - just an idea!!!

  2. Wonderful looking ECW mate.

  3. 55-man ECW unit is spectacular - nice job. I had a brief, wild moment thinking about how I could double the size of all my ECW units, but then slapped myself and I'm all right now.

    SHQ figures paint up really very handsomely - I think the SHQ/Kennington 20mm ranges aren't really appreciated as much as they should be - we'll really miss them if they ever stop production. Having said which, the ECW figures are rather better than some of their Napoleonics. As a hobby, generally, we all spend too much time being petty about our suppliers - in other words, serious collectors of Hinton Hunt often feel obliged to be rude about Kennington or Qualiticast (a sentiment which is usually not based entirely on merit), and lovers of the work of the Perry twins are obliged to be rude about everything else (sometimes with some justification). Maybe we all have the need to belong to some select inner cognoscenti - especially twilight creatures and social rejects like us wargamers!

    Cheers - Tony


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