Saturday, 25 October 2014

But on the other hand .......

........... (Following on from this mornings post), it's certainly not all gloom and doom here, some lovely distractions.

Shame they don't do one called 'Old John'.

Latest addition (please don't ask!) introducing'Poppy', Jack Russel x Springer Spaniel and at 14 weeks shes a fiesty pup, that's for sure. House training going well, nearly free of the disposable rubber gloves stage. House is mayhem though as it is with young pups.

And yes, I have been dabbling a bit with those 6mm figures again of course, just struggling to find any enthusiasm for it, but the big 44 figure infantry units could look very nice. When I'm in the mood for painting I can knock off a couple of these units in a couple of short sessions, I know excatly how to paint these as almost second nature, just where to put the dots of paint and where to leave black etc. But is it worth one more go? Probably all end up on eBay in  a few months and sell for less than the price of the bare metal, but you never know!


  1. Lee, Give it one more go, as I certainly enjoy your postings and how you paint these (very) tiny little metal men :-)

  2. Two thumbs up for poppy. She looks like bundles of fun.

  3. Nice collection of beers although your choice of bar snacks in the background isn't really to my taste. Lovely looking brushwork as always mate.

  4. The troops look pretty cool, lets hope they don't end up on ebay!! Cool ears on the mutt as well!

  5. Lee - 'Poppy' is the spitting image of our Jack Russel 'Daisy' as a pup (she is now 18 months) - bet you anything those ears will go up!!!


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