Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Going hex mad!

Here we go again, something about that Napoleonic C&C game board is bothering me during my AWI test games ........ It's the huge word 'Napoleonic' right in the centre! This boxed game is my pride and joy .... I look after it carefully .... so any alteration to the supplied board is out of the question. Solution is to make a new one, without any wording, but retaining the size and dimensions of the standard GMT C&C boards (9 x 13 hexes),and above all, the simple but elegant board game style, which means of course all form of landscaping is out...... and I do like a bit of flock and static grass.

My proposal is, after much thought and planning in the head, to do it properly and to order vast quantities of 55mm hexes (standard C&C) from Tony at ERM and to to carefully stick these down onto a board before spraying them over in a suitable green (to match the board ), a nice dark wood strip edging and a coat of rough-ish varnish (don't want a skating rink!) should give a good result and look like a proper quality gaming board. Additional 55mm hexes will be sprayed to match and I can then enjoy making additional terrain tiles, this time totally flock free. Great thing is I could then use the box game tiles on the new board and vice versa. I think hand painted road and stream/river hexes could be a pleasant challenge.

Simple and cheap, the key will be in laying down those hexes very accurately - I had considered just hand marking up the board in hexes but from past experience it can be a real pain and hard to get dead right.

There we go, I'll report further progress here as this develops. Once completed of course the board could potentially be used for other, non Napoleonic versions....... I'm still wondering how I could use Tony's ECW version on a figure per block basis!!


  1. Try contacting Martin at Warbases he can laser cut you an underboard as a guide for sticking hexes down

  2. Thanks Andrew, I'll take a look.



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