Sunday, 23 September 2012

Vassal for Commands & Colors - Napoleonic.

Having decided to take a bit of a break from my ECW project and paint some more Napoleonic units, I got to thinking about where to go with regards to the issue of Solo v Opponent gaming. Having now played through quite a few games solo I am in little doubt that I want to play against an opponent now in order to maximise my enjoyment of this hobby. While I might try to find a local opponent down here on the Kent coast I have read much about Vassal for C&C-N and have decided to give it a go. Ideally though, I'd like to be able to use vassal as a basis for a table top game rather than on screen, and I'm sure that it would be possible to work this out. I'd envisage using vassal to play the game onscreen, while mirroring the moves etc on the table top for a more satisfying visual experience for both players. If anybody has any experience of Vassal, or any ideas and suggestions as how I might best combine the online/tabletop game I'd love to hear from you please. In the meantime I'm downloading and studying the vassal system. I have placed a few links below for anybody who might care to take a look into this with me, perhaps as a potential opponent?

Download Vassal.

Vassal engine.

About Vassal.

Vassal - Commands & Colours Napoleonic module download.

Couple of screen shots.

Right then, I'll get on and have a play to see how this works. Meantime a thank you to those who have followed my humble blog which has just recorded 20.000 page views, I'm astonished! I'm currently painting another cavalry unit and I'll add pictures once completed. This ones a bit of a conversion job so I'm hoping it will work out.


  1. I've played a few turns and would certainly be willing to give it a go.

    1. Then we must give it a go sometime. I'm just trying to get my head around the technicalities of Vassal, but the visual representation looks quite good.


  2. Hi Lee,

    I've spent quite a hours over recent days ready your blog from start to finish. I know, obsessive but then I think all of us wargamers are to some extent.

    Having got so much enjoyment, and at the risk of breaking online etiquette by commenting on something other than the original post, I thought I'd try to give a little back.

    I've used VASSAL for a number of games going back more than 5-6 years. I've played VG's Vietnam, Advanced Squad Leader, The Great War At Sea and another two or three one-off games during that time, and always against overseas gamers for some reason. It's a great system if you want to PBEM, since you can save the file at the end of your turn and then await your opponent's file by return. But the best fun to be had is playing real time, and combining it with Skype. That way you can move pieces on your board (and I'm guessing on the tabletop too in this case) but get away from tiresome typing by just talking on Skype. Like you I'm definitely not a wargames club type of person but I found it opened up a load of relatively niche games to me. Hope that's helpful.

    Reading your blog I've also enjoyed and empathised with you on the hex versus 'photo realistic' terrain dilemma. I have to say I really like your set-up, especially the building hexes (are they commercially available buildings?) and your latest creations, the fields. I've never really quite 'got 6mm' before but you've inspired me to order a French line pack from Baccus and have a stab at painting it up to the quality you've achieved. I've also discovered C&C(N) through your blog so a big thanks there too.

    One area where maybe I would do things differently is rivers. I think the streams you've produced look good, but a little too regular. I wonder if creating little 'meanders' within the occasional hex might help to break the regularity? I'd be tempted to try a few bankside reeds occasionally too. Your bridges are superb by the way.

    Anyway, possibly your longest comment, for which I apologise. But thanks again - a truly inspirational blog.

    1. Cheers Simon for your comments. I'm glad you like this blog and have found it useful. C&C (N) has driven this project along for me, as its revolutionised my approach to playing wargames and brought back much of the fun too. I love the way it really rattles along and you have to think fast about tactical decisions. As for my terrain, well it is a compromise I guess. I'd prefer to have a more realistic looking terrain but once you embrace the hex system is really does work well. That said I'm still looking for ways to improve the board overall, in terms of creating a more textured and shaded surface without compromising the hexes! I'll re make those rivers at some stage too, using the precut hexes which will allow me to add more landscaping and build up the banks etc. The buildings are little beauties I agree, made my TimeCast from the Spanish Nap range I think.I plan to use Timecast for my ECW project too.

      Vassal/skype is something I intend to try in the near future.

      Thanks again,



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