Sunday, 9 February 2020

6th Cacadores.

My painting lamp bought in Spain is fading fast now so it's hard to get decent photos, especially on such a gloomy day, but here are the 6th Cacadores a rifle skirmish unit of 12 figures. Bought these some time back and thought it about time I got some paint on them. They are Flashing Blade 40mm figures, slightly chunkier than the Sash & Sabre and Perry 40mm's but fine as a unit on their own. There is more contrast and shading to the brown uniforms than is apparent here, it may the satin varnish or the fading lamp! I really like the unit but will stick with S&S/Perry in future. They are ready for work on the bases, as are the Marines behind them, thanks to Tony at East Riding Miniatures for his usual friendly and efficient service. The bases are two 2mm thickness MDF stuck together to match the rest of the collection, for the time being I am resisting the urge to re base.

This week I want to get the 10mm figures for James' project finished and some more figures for Old John. Andy at Old Glory UK has my RHA guns in stock now but while I'm waiting for the gun crews to be cast I might make a start on the Rocket battery crew conversions. I'm still waiting on Baccus for the 6mm order, they are extremely busy still.

Many thanks to Graham C for the 3D prints, I have a choice of officer pose now.

Can anyone recommend an efficient painting lamp please? I do prefer a lamp in the 'blue' or daylight spectrum.


  1. Very tasty, 'Lee. I don't think I realised that cacadores had yellow facing before!

    As for painting lamps, I've been using a old anglepoise for years with a very bright blue-white bulb in it. It's supremely practical, easily maintained and also rather useful for photographic lighting too.

    1. Thanks WM. This lamp was perfect to begin with as you could switch the LED's between warm white (yellow) daylight (blue) or a combination of both with the blue being dominant which really worked for me but two years on and it's fading noticeably. I must myself to a few shops.

  2. Lovely looking cacadores and your artillery crew look the business! No hurry on the BA stuff, your the one doing me a favour after all!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. We have now located our local post office so should get there this week!


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