Monday, 18 September 2017

'Travel Battle' terrain boards progress.

A quick pictorial update now that I have finally started painting the four 10" square boards from my two sets of Travel Battle. They are not yet finished, more dappling and dry-brushing is needed to complete the look, and I have another six houses to paint, plus two more French figure sprues. As the British army is now done I thought I would lay them all out on the painted boards, and I must say I'm rather pleased at the overall results so far. I will do a run through of the rules once all is completed.

It all fits back into one TB box nicely so it is a real portable game and can be played on a coffee table.

4 Travel boards giving a playing area of just 20" x 20", do I need to just add 2 more?

The British Left flank.

The British right flank.

The flags denote Guard battalions, who get to re roll in combat.

Steady Boys!


  1. Hi,

    This is probably a really dumb question, but will two sets fit in one box? I don't at present own a second box, and space would be at a premium if I were to try to take my "junk" (as certain people call it) on a family vacation!

    Best regards,

    Chris johnson

    1. Hi Chris, as you noted in your follow up the 4 boards and figures will fit into a single box, although I did remove the insert.

  2. All of your set looks very nice. I can see these boards becoming increasingly popular if the Perry's get a couple of expansion boards going.

    1. Cheers Norm - the problem with just the two board designs is that any further expansion could be a bit limiting.

  3. Whoops--I wrote earlier asking if the whole shebang fits into 1 box, and somehow missed your statement that it does in fact fit. Sorry--ascribe it to creeping senility.

    Chris J.


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