Friday, 19 June 2015

New 'Memoir '44' page added.

Well, the Waterloo anniversary has come and gone, great to see it well covered by the media. Funny enough I have found my own Napoleonic interest has waned somewhat over recent months as I have gradually become drawn into the late WW2 period. I'm pleased really as it has revived my interest in playing wargames again, and the pleasure derived from painting figures and vehicles of this period is not dependent upon painting vast numbers but rather individual pieces. This suits me well for the time being.

As my 'Therapy' blog has taken so many twists and turns along the way ( it actually started with 28mm Perry Austrians and must have covered just about everything since!), I have decided to start a dedicated 'Memoir '44' blog. It can be found in the links bar at top, so if you are also into Memoir you can follow along this separate project blog.

I must thank those who sent me messages of support during recent domestic events, very much appreciated. Mum in Law is stable and being well cared for, and family life must go on. I'm still working on the 30th Foot for Ian, taking my time, as and when I can. They are vintage Hinton Hunt castings and it makes a real change to be painting some redcoats again! I hope to have them finished and on the blog next week.

Meantime here are some replacement German infantry, all of the plastic 'Battlefront' miniatures have now been replaced with Peter Pig metals as they are so much more robust. Note that I'm also'static grass' free for the first time in many years as the bases look better this way on a gameboard.


  1. Lee, glad to hear that things are on the up domestically. I am an unabashed fan of Memoir 44. It's a great game that I've played with everyone from pensioners to school children to young offenders. I look forward to seeing you strut your stuff - will you be using individual bases per "figure" or casualty markers?

  2. I always follow your blog with great interest, especially as we seem to share quite a few common wargaming interests.

    I look forward to reading more about your experiences with MEMOIR '44. I know lots of people who don't like it ... but I do, and although I am an inveterate rules fiddler, I find them to be an excellent set of rules. (Because I fight most of my war games solo, I don't use the combat cards but I do use the movement rates and combat system.)

    All the best,


  3. Looking good Lee! I too have been drawn back to late WWII but in 20mm. Enjoying putting my forces together at the moment and looking forward to getting a game in very soon.

    All the best mate,

  4. Don't seem to find the link on your site. Really interested in your memoir work.


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