Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Getting back on track.

It's been a busy few weeks on the domestic front, mother in law slowly recovering from her fall and eldest daughter back home after a spell in hospital with gall bladder infection. Of course we still have to deal as a family with mum in laws terminal illness, but she's remarkably upbeat as she approaches her 80th birthday. We have a special treat lined up for her, a couple of nights at the beautiful Port Lympne Safari Park, staying in one of the very popular 'Safari Lodges, that has magnificent views across the Romney Marsh towards Dymchurch. It's set in rolling hillside and is only about twenty minutes drive away, so no long journey involved for her. We're all booked in together, should be fun, all three of our daughters grew up with regular days out at Port Lympne so will be nice to spend a bit of time up there again.

As far as painting time goes I have managed to get a bit done here and there. I managed to complete the final Prussian unit for Vintage Waterloo, I'm pleased with them, they are of course for Roy. In addition I have started a 24 figure British battalion for Ian and I'm finding painting redcoats most enjoyable again after so many 'blue' units, both French and Prussian.

A new direction?
One thing I have been doing a lot of recently is thinking, about many things, future plans, is it time to move house etc, and this has included my hobby. I said a few months back that I'm no longer a wargamer, but it's very hard to shake off  something that does bring so much pleasure. I know that I'm done with painting large armies for myself again but having recently discovered WW2 wargaming I'm feeling a real pull towards 'Bolt Action'. I may also be becoming a 'tank geek' having watched and listened to hours of YouTube tank related videos whilst painting I have a new found fascination and respect for those guys who crewed the tanks!

Currently my WW2 stuff is 15mm for modified Memoir44, but Bolt Action uses 28mm figures (and tanks!) to play skirmish level actions with small forces. The rules do not seem any more complex than Flames of war to play but obviously at a lower level command level ( so you can target an individual soldier or officer figure). The simple activation system of placing all the unit dice into a bag and drawing them one at a time works so well, so initiative can suddenly swing about between sides creating real tension.

If you are into WW2 and have not seen a Bolt Action demo game this video is well worth a watch, the figures and terrain are stunning , and not a hex in sight!


  1. It's a terrific game, I think you'll enjoy it.


  2. I'll watch this, many thanks.
    Far more importantly have an amazing break, I hope everyone enjoys it and those that can, get well soon.
    Fond regards & best wishes,

  3. Great looking Prussians Lee. Bolt Action are an interesting looking set of rules - although I've never played them!

  4. Brilliant! Superb paint job. I love the marching pose. Well done!

  5. Great to see the Prussians so near completion Lee. I have their flag ready to fix, but will they march in before the 18th??

  6. I just received my copy of dday firefight, looking forward to see you plunge in this as well :).


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