Thursday, 15 January 2015

No longer a wargamer!

I have decided to call it a day as a miniatures wargamer. Clearly I have been heading this way for some time, as project after project has failed to bring me any kind of pleasure from actually playing with it! The AWI in 6mm was a last fling I think ( I have over the years done AWI in all scales, starting with 28mm Redoubt figures many years ago). It struck me recently that I have lost that ability to get myself into that mindset where I'm down on the table with the figures, commanding them in battle, something is simply not working any longer for me.

Oddly enough I continue to enjoy playing Commands & Colors Napoleonics, I find the wooden blocks very appealing to game with. I only recently finished stickering my Austrian expansion and have played the first scenario - Wertingen - which I found a well balanced game, the Austrians actually winning 5 to 4 victory banners. Lack of French centre cards really hampered the development of the attack, and this may well have handed the Austrians victory. The 'Battalion Mass' rule works well for the Austrian line infantry, as it gives them the protection of a square against cavalry without costing a random card from the hand. The 5 block Austrian line units are quite formidable in a fight

Scenario from c&
I have now got all of my C&CN blocks sorted into plastic business card boxes for a much faster set up. I'm expecting the Prussian expansion any day now so that will keep me busy stickering again.

Clearly I can't just stop painting soldiers though, having been at it for about 40 years it's ingrained into me and I still get a buzz from completing a well painted unit. I'm still working on 20mm Napoleonic units from before Christmas and I will continue to feature pictures of such units here. I have cleared the decks and will not be buying any further figures for myself. This actually feels quite liberating and positive.

Home life continues to be busy and as Winter rattles by I'm looking forward to being able to get out in the garden again. Meantime the pets keep me on my toes, here's Gibby staking his claim to the ironing board while Poppy pretends not to look at him.


  1. 'Lee,

    It sounds to me as if you have made the right decision for you at this point in time. You never know, you might want to return to figure wargaming in the future. In the meantime, C&C:N is an excellent game to keep your interest alive and well.

    Good luck for the future.

    All the best,


  2. Like Bob said, the interest may come back one day, but keep enjoying C&C N in the meantime.

  3. You don't have to be a miniature wargamer to enjoy painting miniatures, that's for sure.
    I only get in a couple of games per year, painting is the main thing for me, plus the research and history :-)

  4. Never say never Lee. Some time in future you might find yourself back in the saddle. In the meantime do what makes you happy. That's the purpose of a hobby after all!

  5. God speed old son. Sounds like you made the right choice.

  6. Think you've made the right decision at this stage of your life, I wish you well and as others have said you may well return to gaming in the future, and again as others have said you don't have to game to enjoy painting figures, may i express my thanks for all the lads you've done for me in past
    have fun with your pets, we got a new pup Ted (Welsh sheep dog) on Xmas Eve (after losing my hairy mate) they give you a boost
    All the very best for the future
    cheers Old John

  7. Sound's like you've made the right choice at this stage in your life Lee, remember you don't have to be a wargamer to paint mini's. I gave up gaming years ago, but, still get a buzz from painting and collecting figures. Who knows, one day you might get the urge to game again.

  8. I always think that if something doesn't give one life and joy, then it should be let go of whenever possible. Sometimes I'm with you, in that painting a unit tony best ability gives me more pleasure than pushing it around on a table in a game I'm not that fond of.
    Sounds like you have some related interests to keep pursuing and like you I find the CCN blocks quite satisfying in their own right.
    Blessings, MP

  9. That is quite a shift I know but who knows what will happen in the future. As the other guys wisely said, its all about having fun, so if it isn't anymore...

    In the meantime, thanks for all the inspiration you've given us all. In particular, your 6mm ECW project got me and a mate now staring at a pile of Baccus 6mm figures and smiling like cheshire cats - thanks!


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