Monday, 24 November 2014

AWI progress.

I'm amazed how quickly this little project has come together over recent weeks, to be able to sit down and paint a full base of 24 figures in around an hour is a major attraction of 6mm scale painting. I think I have turned out a base each day with no problem at all so far. I'm not going to make a big issue of this project, as we all know where most of my stuff ends up going, but I have decided these will definately NOT find themselves on eBay as I intend to keep going. In hand I have several battalions of Hessians - musketeers, grenadiers and jager etc - plus several more battalions of Continental troops - formed militia, more hunting shirts, cavalry. Around the 1.000 figure mark should see this completed.

As you can see I have started on buildings with more to follow. I'm waiting on the arrival of more scenic materials to produce woods, fields, rivers etc. I intend to enjoy myself creating non hex terrain for my planned games. Tony at East Riding Miniatures supplied some great mdf 'terrain templates' that I will be using to build my woods and fields.

I'm also working on more 20mm Spanish Napoleonic infantry, progress has been slow but they are coming along well. This unit will be Regt. Irlanda, with deep sky blue coats and yellow facings! Pics will follow shortly.

Pics not great, but the mass effect of 6mm scale is well illustrated I think.

Crown forces.



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