Friday, 16 April 2021

Unboxing John's latest arrivals!

So here we go again, eyes down for a full house and all that. 

I have had this box for several days but wanted to wait until the decks were clear and the epics were gone before I opened it. I had an idea of what was inside and was certainly not disappointed. As usual John provides a list that is referenced to numbered boxes and full colour painting guides. A little taster of what in there.

I must say that the first thing to catch my eye was the Strelets box art, not seen a box of 1/72 figures for years and looking at these beauties I understand why they are so popular. Given the popularity of the new wave of 28mm plastic figures it's good that this scale remains in demand by collectors and wargamers. I think I will start with these. 

Still under the weather, blood tests Monday, just feeling very run down but being well looked after.


  1. I wish the hard plastic revolution had settled upon 1/72 rather than 28mm, but that boat has gone!

    1. It is a shame Norm because what I'm seeing here are little 1/72 works of art! I think one issue with scale has been the number of 'wrong' poses in the boxes, I think what HaT have done with their latest ACW boxes should have been the way to go, all marching poses, excellent equipment detail/accuracy and superb value for money. Anyway, it is what it is now as you say and Warlord/Perry now dominate the market in plastic historical figures although I read a LOT of complaints about Warlord not listening to those involved in providing referencing and feedback during the design process. do you?

  2. Never really got into 1/72, but those figures look superb.

  3. That looks like a box of fun Lee! I painted some Strelets this year for the first time for my Boer War project and was very pleased with both the sculpting and the quality of the moulding.

  4. Lovely looking pile of figures and clear and useful references!
    Best Iain


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