Tuesday, 23 April 2019

French cavalry on the DBN bases.

Not a great deal of painting going on this week as the family are over and with two toddlers and a nine year old causing mayhem there's not much quiet time, but we would not have it any other way of course. The house looks like a bombsite! They have all gone out for a couple of hours today so I did a quick bit of drybrushing of the French cavalry bases, everything is now on 120mm frontage bases suitable for DBN or indeed C&C should I choose. 

Made a short video to show off the French cavalry, sometimes I find it easier to rabbit on over a short video than type. 


  1. Love the Chasseurs and the 2nd Hussars are one of my favourite in terms of colour schemes. One minor point though, French cavalry regiments only have an elite company, not a squadron.
    My painting during the Easter break has been much less than I'd hoped as I've been under the weather for all of it, getting over it now but I had hoped to do over another couple of ECW cavalry units - not even started those...
    Had a stinker of

    1. Point taken Rob, cheers for that. Hope you feeling better now :)

    2. Fully back to health thanks - but miles behind on my painting... The last few days of my holiday when I was better were also partly taken up by WM, but in a good way. We refought Blasthof and then using his French Expeditionary Force I had my first game of M&M. Both were hugely enjoyable and hopefully will make me think twice before swamping the table with too many fingers - in gaming more is not always better, just slower. BTW I won Blasthof but newly painted HH Napoleon failed in his march on Paris - the campaign will have to be re-named the 'Hundred Hours'.
      I have added reins and swords and re-seated those that needed it (Hinchliffe riders often do not sit snugly on their mounts without quite a bit of gouging, filing, etc.) and now have 4 units of ECW horse for touching up and re-basing. Must get the King mounted as WM bereted me for not having his Royal Standard ready for play yet.

  2. Regarding visitors we always say "its nice when they arrive, but its nice when they leave too"

  3. Lovely French light cavalry! The paper toy soldier books are excellent I think too!
    Best Iain


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